Overland Park, KS Information Blog
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Thanks for visiting! This blog is to write about life in Overland Park, KS. Ever wanted to visit or wondered what it's lke to read about living in a new place? This site is to help describe what life is like in this towm. Whether you already live here or are considering, you should hearing about the fun places to see or visit.
...Life as of late
Recent life in Overland Park can be described by one word: cold. This time of year is when you realize how much you need an ice scraper for your car windshield, and how gloves are needed for the steering wheel. There has been a recent dusting, but no large amounts of snow. Soon, we will get to see snow all over the ground and snow deposits on top of fences. Though the weather changes all the time here, it's pretty safe to say that there won't be a warm day for a while.

I'm looking forward to giving updates on various aspects of life in Overland Park over the coming months. I'm not sure how many people will enjoy reading these, but I created this to partly just allow myself to give thoughts on my life and see who reads them. 

On December 17th, we have seen our first snowstorm! Despite the inconvenience, there is something about snow that is calming and serves as reminder to enjoy Christmastime before the snow is just snow with a side of inconvenience in Janyary and February. 

Two places to visit in December: The Plaza and Union Station. The beauty of Kansas City is in full effect in these two places that are beautifully decorated and show the true pride of the city. What a great time to live here!

December 29th: Let's start this post talking about Christmas. The weather warmed up! Got up to about 60 degrees, leave it to Kansas to provide crazy weather. It was an awesome time with family. Spent the whole time in Overland Park enjoying the sights and people. Next up is New Years, we don't have any crazy plans at the moment. We've got a lot of work to do before then. Thankfully, we just got through our main task we needed done by the end of the year: having a fence built. We went with a local company who did a great job. We aren't ones to usually plug, but this company did an awesome job in hooking us up with the experts who have made our yard look awesome. They are definitely the top  Overland Park fence company  in our minds. Now that it's done, we know it will be awesome spending time in the yard once it gets warmer again.

January is here. New Years was nice and relaxing. Nothing crazy was done. Overland Park stayed relatively calm. I spent time with a friend and then saw family. Very glad to have everyone around! This month is a busy one at work, so I've been working long hours. Exciting times!